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3 Weight Loss Tips Weight Loss Pioneer – Weight Loss, Beauty, Slimming – Beauty Salon Industry

Weight Loss Diet for the love he is my motivation to lose weight!
Season, the best weight loss diet to seize the opportunity
Weight loss result: discussion got to please her husband
Weight Loss Tip: The best season and appropriate both fruit
Weight Vanguard: Xiao He Take advantage of her husband last summer travel that month, I started an intensive weight-loss campaign, her husband came back irrepressible exclaimed: “arms around you do not feel the same!” So I suggest you lose weight in the summer, because summer days of heat, metabolism fast, appetite is not high. Fruits play a decisive role in weight loss. My choice is to eat breakfast Apple , Lunch, bananas, watermelon eating dinner. Equally important to eat fruit. Do not hold half a watermelon, take a tablespoon eat and drink. Should be cut into small thin slices of watermelon, remind yourself to eat only two. To peel peaches, peach flesh with a knife to cut into small pieces into the bowl, use a toothpick to eat small chunks. Litchi , Mango such a high sugar fruit, they could be made of ice cream, practice is: first lychee peel, core and peel the mango flesh into Lunch boxes In filling two-thirds of the space into low-fat yogurt, frozen for two hours you can enjoy delicious, of course, the amount of time not too much.

After dinner, the implementation of the family exercise program: standing, hands folded above his head reversal, arms close to the ear, feet, heels off the ground with normal breathing, this position is best to keep 15 to 20 minutes to brush immediately after teeth, in order to eliminate because of his weak and eat other things. There is to be sitting Sofa Watching TV Must be straight back, the body to straighten. The gap in the TV can do morning exercises: sitting on the sofa where two-thirds hip, left leg and right leg were brought Bengzhi. This action should adhere to 3 to 5 minutes, one night to do 8 to 10 back, reducing the fat thighs there is a good result. Yoga is also good practice for three to four times a week. Every Saturday in the morning to do a bowel cleansing exercise, exercise when fasting drink a big bottle of warm salt water. If you’re really lazy, you can clear an intestinal month, pick a rest day that water is not only a meal, intestinal drug benefit arrangement. Hard to walk in summer, with changes in stature does not mean you’re done, you have to consolidate in the fall, winter persist.

Weight loss result: a reduction of 73 pounds within two years
Weight Loss Tips: Weight Loss for love
Diet Pioneer: Kida 2002 the year my weight up to 198 pounds, did not expect success but also a love of my weight loss program. He is a super-thin boy, weighing less than 100 pounds! I happen to be his “two!” The sake of our love, I decided to lose weight! First go to beauty salons to do acupuncture Massage , Do it for 10 cycles of more than half a year, a total reduction of 50 kg. Required strong start does not eat to die after a few treatments, leading to severe malnutrition, was I face very poor, the body is also weak to walk more have breath. This approach recommends that we should not imitate. I thought you’re done, be it under a new mandate boyfriend?? Reduced to one hundred pounds! Friends are all very angry at his request, concerned that my body would collapse, but I agreed. Since 2004, I organized a Fitness Cards, daily exercise, 10 months reduced by 20 kilos, while the faster speed is not acupuncture, but fairly healthier weight reached 125 pounds, the results because of complacency or 10 pounds a month and long back, he saw me so angry The eye has changed, and I hastened through efforts resumed weight.

My weight loss experience summed up in one: a glass of skim milk for breakfast, an egg (which must be boiled), 1 whole wheat Bread . If the hunger was really hard to add an apple or tomato. At noon a free yogurt, a whole-wheat bread. Dinner eating tomatoes or a cucumber. Exercise is also very important. Every day I go to the gym for an hour run (speed not too fast), then cook abdominal exercises, and then kicking a 45-minute “City of Life Bike . “Eat a banana before exercise is best, or else easily dizziness, beginning not too much exercise, it is best to coach to help you make a plan. Lose weight before I had a check, the results shocked, fatty liver have been moderate, and blood pressure is not normal. through diet, no fatty liver, and blood pressure to normal.

Happy to be a healthy weight-loss diet family
Weight loss result: 15 kg less than a month
Weight loss secret: eat breakfast like a princess, eat dinner like a beggar
Weight Vanguard: Kong Ning I am 19 years old until escape the babyfat, his friends dubbed “Little Miss Tang Dynasty” in the ribs beauty were popular, I was very inferior. Finally, the 20-year-old birthday I was determined to lose weight as my lifelong career! First change the diet, it simply means eating breakfast like a princess, eat dinner like a beggar. Breakfast calories to eat some things, such as a cast in chocolate bread, 250 ml skim milk, a fried egg, heat sufficient and solution of the greedy; lunch, two vegetables, try to eat less meat to lose weight at the beginning, should eat eat lean meat, eat Chicken When the skin. Can eat more fish, because it contains low fat; afternoon to eat a banana or an apple, their role is very thin, eat there after satiety; dinner to be very restrained, I usually eat salad, 7 point and will not eat anything before bed, drink a glass of skim milk.

At first, more hungry, if this time you are eating and drinking, it approved of. Tolerance over a week to your diet gradually on the right track, will be used. See also in your “products” loyal supporter’s sake, let me reveal some secrets, the general child I did not tell him! 1. To drink green tea every day, 3 weeks wonders. 2. After dinner, half an hour can not sit, can be watching TV while playing games. 3. Chocolates to eat, but eat only a small piece of yangkeng each other the same dessert. 4. Especially at night when hungry, Knock-off DVDs, a friend called distraction, hungry, had also been kept on the bed. Five. Morning to make the appropriate movement, but not severe, otherwise it will increase your appetite. 6. For boyfriend or family support, they encourage the spirit of power, but you Oh! I lost 15 pounds over a month, and no dizziness, palpitation feeling, the body in every way. Justdoit! 40 days to restore your self-confidence!

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