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How to Stop Hair Loss! The Best and Most Effective Tips to Stop Baldness and Improve Hair Volume!

Make sure you read this article now if you are serious about stopping hair loss and improve your hair volume. In this article, you will discover some of the most effective tips that many have successfully used to cure alopecia. By using some of the methods contained in this article, you too will be able to achieve a better hair volume.

1. Scalp Massage

Give your scalp several sessions of massage every day. Regular scalp massage improves the blood circulation in the scalp area. This is very important since poor blood circulation in the scalp is one of the major factors of hair loss. With scalp massage, you will be able to improve the blood circulation. This increase in blood flow also means extra nourishments like oxygen and other growth stimulating nutrients can be transferred to the hair follicles. This will directly increase your hair volume.

2. Herbal Remedies for Hair Loss

Herbs can really do wonder to cure your alopecia problems. For at least hundreds of years, people have relied on herbs’ curative abilities to deal with a great number of health disorders including hair loss. Herbs like saw palmetto and nettle roots are the most well known and effective herbs when it comes to preventing and treating baldness.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is one of the best tea drinks for stopping and preventing hair loss. It contains natural 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting substances. 5-alpha-reductase is responsible for converting the testosterone in your body into DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a major factor of baldness.

4. Stress

Stress has a lot to do with the bald patches on your scalp. Stress is notoriously known for causing many other health disorders too. To make things worse, continued excessive levels of stress also tends to worsen your alopecia condition dramatically. For this reason, make sure you keep your daily stress level low at all times if you are serious about stopping hair loss for good.

My dearest friend, I know all too well how it feels like to have hair loss. Embarrassments, frustrations and a huge dip in self confidence as well as hundreds of other bad things come hand in hand with baldness and hair loss.

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