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My Antioxidant Skin Care is Better Than Yours

Not all antioxidant skin care is created equal. There are all kinds of claims being made and you have to be able to differentiate truth from fiction. So make sure you educate yourself before you are misled into choosing the wrong product.

You don’t want to waste money, especially in today’s economy. And you don’t want to waste precious time experimenting with trial and error when it comes to looking your best. You’ve heard the expression “time is money.” In this case “time is wrinkles.” Wrinkles surface quickly once they start. And will take you twice as long to get rid of a wrinkle than to form one.

In doing my research I learned that having enough collagen and elastin is the secret of youth. If you don’t know the meaning of these two important words, you need only look at young people.

Don’t they look fresh, healthy and beautiful? Their faces are full from having collagen. No wrinkles or creases when you still have collagen. And the elastin gives their skin elasticity. Nothing looks stretched out. If you pinch the dermis it just bounces back. It’s got spring to it.

And, since Coenzyme Q10 is highly responsible for helping our bodies make collagen and elastin, you can see why it is a very important part of our antioxidant skin care.

But here is the dilemma. Just like everything else, the body makes less and less CoQ10 as we get older. To make matters worse, the sun ‘s UV rays, especially the bad ones, destroy whatever CoQ10 we are still managing to eek out.

So along come the cosmetics companies trying to replenish CoQ10 in our antioxidant skin care products. They want to give us a fighting chance against the ravages of time, which is great.

They are now putting the wondrous Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10 for short, into cosmetics in higher quantity with the hope that it can be of more benefit.

But don’t get too excited. Most are not using the right CoQ10. Until recently even the best antioxidant skincare lines haven’t been able to put enough umph into their CoQ10 to penetrate through the skin and do us some good.

The CoQ10 just sits on the surface and doesn’t get the job done. Still, it is listed as an ingredient, giving you false hope.

Now, though, there’s a new kid on the block. Antioxidant skin care has reached a whole new level of effectiveness and it’s backed up by actual scientific proof.

The name of this new kid is Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10. Nano breaks down the CoQ10 into tiny enough particles so it can really penetrate down deep where it is needed to destroy free radicals.

It gets in there and fixes all the damage that is just waiting to surface as the enemy, wrinkles.

Nano has an incredible way of increasing collagen and elastin production to keep you looking young and smooth forever. It also protects you from the sun’s harmful UV-A rays that cause aging.

So when you finally make your choice get out that magnifying glass. Read the ingredients and make sure you see Nano listed properly. Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, 5% of CoQ10 and 10% vitamin E acetate, in a nano-emulsion. Enjoy!

My name is Dee Smith and my passion is skin care. I’m determined to stay looking young forever.

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