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Natural Beauty Home Spa – Rub stress

Create a relaxing spa treatment at home, put your feet your hands (or), a stone massage with natural essential oils. Feel free to use the oil in your closet, if available.

Natural Beauty Home Spa – Rub stress

Here’s how:

1. Choose your stones.

I believe that a smooth, rounded stone, and eight small to fit between the fingers. Collect stones from your garden or use river stones gently.

2. Select your oil.

The scent of lavender and chamomile are relaxing. Essential citrusTo keep the oil and juniper and sage. If you have sore feet, try lavender, rosemary, cypress, or essential oils. Dilute with a carrier oil such as olive oil. Lavender and tea tree oil is safe to use treated (right) on the skin. The properties of the essential oil of tea tree oil is strongly antiseptic and antifungal, and can be mixed with other essential oils.

3. Ask a relaxed atmosphere.

Light candles or play your favorite tunes, like the sounds of nature to relax.


Scrub gently feet. Under the rough and calloused skin is always soft to the touch than expected. Use one or pull a pumice stone. Use the stone gently but firmly. The sand is not too hard or too often that the friction of the skin is the cause, the first wrinkles. Use the stone once a week at most. A pumice stone will last for years.

Heat a pan with water to 110 degrees Celsius to heat the stones. Do not boil the water. To take a hot towel,stones of the area designated by it in your home spa. placed between the toes. You can also use a clay pot to heat the stones for your convenience.

Feet to reveal the foot massage.

Use the stone to rub the arch and the ball of each foot for a maximum of 10 minutes. Feel the tension dissipates. You can heat the stones again.

Natural Beauty Home Spa – Rub stress

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