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Blemishes Cure – 7 Simple Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin is a type of skin pigmentation, which is characterized by over productive sebaceous glands. These glands are responsible for the oily nature of the skin. Oily skins are prone to various problems including blemishes, acne, age spots and blackheads. The oily nature of a skin is very much responsible for problems like acne and blemishes. A good range of blemishes cure is available for treating it.

• Regular face wash is essential for treating blemishes in oily skins. It is necessary to wash the face with lukewarm water in order to keep the skin free from oil. Mild cleansers can also be applied during a face wash.

• Acne can be easily treated using a variety of antioxidant creams and lotions available in the market. Antioxidants are available for specific skin types, dry or oily. Antioxidants may also be used to protect wrinkles and age spots.

• Before choosing an acne cream, it is important to choose creams rich in benzyl peroxide and glycolic acid. Creams rich in these chemicals can serve as an effective blemishes cure.

• Clay mask can be used for treating all sorts of skin problems in oily skin. It is important to apply clay mask once in three days to avoid problems like blemishes, acne and age spots.

• Natural face masks that involve the usage of lemon, honey, and aloe-vera can be an effective blemishes cure for oily skin types.

• Facial make ups for oily skins can be done using a good foundation. Excess oil in the skin can be absorbed using the foundation.

• It is important to hydrate the skin in order to prevent skin ailments. Artificial hydration systems, which involve applying a protective coat on the face, can be used. Drinking a lot of water can also hydrate the skin in an effective way.

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