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Buying Natural Skin Care – The Best Shopping Tips for Natural Skin Creams

Thanks the Internet, natural skin care shopping has never been more comfortable. All the information you could possibly hope for can be found just sitting on your sofa or in your kitchen, by browsing the Internet, reading about all the different natural skin care systems available.

Then, when you are ready, buying the product of your choice can be done with a few clicks and the products will be on their way to you perhaps even the next day.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that there is an overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet. It’s so easy to get caught in the search that you end up using hours and hours just looking for information! And even worse: it’s very, very easy to find all the wrong information.

I’d like to share my best tips with you, so that it will be easier for you to make a good decision.

First of all, it’s important to remember that just because a product is made by a well-known brand name company, it doesn’t always mean that the product is of high quality and really useful for your skin. Sure it’s exiting to see a Hollywood celebrity or actress with smooth skin promoting the product, but there’s a catch.

The fact is though, that most of these (mostly very rich) people have beautiful skin due to other reasons (personal health coaches, controlled diet, spa treatments…) Let’s just face it: most likely they don’t even use the product they lend their name to, but do the advertising just for a big fee.

Many cosmetic companies approach these film stars and make a deal with them to use their name and image to sell the products. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are natural skin care shopping fall for these tricks and pay much too high prices for no-good products.

Personally, I’m not really interested if a young, pretty actress is saying the products are good. I’m much more interested in what the products actually contain and if there is real scientific evidence that the product’s ingredients can help improve my skin condition.

I’m also just as eager to find out if there are ingredients in the skin creams that can harm my health and my skin.

Wait a minute – am I saying cosmetic companies could use harmful ingredients in their products? Well, yes I am.

But why would a company use ingredients that will actually worsen their customers’ skin health over time? It seems ludicrous.

But many do.

One main reason is that they need to make sure the products have a long shelf life in the supermarket. A longer shelf life means more profits for the company because there are less products that will go to waste. Therefore preservatives are used. However, many of these preservatives that are used to make skin care products stay good on the shelf for a long time could even cause cancer!

Another thing you need to know is that most skin care products contain oils. Oils generally are not bad because some truly nourish and take care of the skin.

But, some are terrible for the skin! They will clog up the pores on your skin, or even take away your skin’s natural moisture, actually drying your skin even more.

Again, the culprit is cost. Some of these oils, most importantly mineral oil, are cheap….and very bad for your skin. Ironically, they might make your skin feel more moist and better in the moment you apply it, though.

These are the types of problems I found out when I was natural skin care shopping online myself.

Please visit my website, I’ll tell you more about the many pitfalls in choosing a natural skin care system. I will also introduce you to beneficial, natural ingredients you probably don’t know yet!

Lumi H. Jais believes in taking good care of herself by healthy habits like a balanced diet, quality supplements and using the best natural skin care products, as she is passionate about maintaining her youthful appearance and beautiful skin.

Visit her website natural-perfect-skin.com today for more information on best natural skin care for fast and effective results.

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