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Do You Know What Blood Beauty It? – What Is The Blood Of Beauty, Cosmetics – Beauty Salon Industry

Traditional medicine, acne and more blood due to lung heat, heavy steam facial, or too spicy food, high sugar and high fat food, stomach or body heat to heat things Yun skin, or blood caused by heat on the steam in the face.

Same blood heat, may have different performance in the face, it was a long eye of a needle, some acne, some gums swollen, red nose, head, tongue ulcers, bad breath, etc.. All in all organs disorders, Xuhuoshangsheng due.

Long after the acne is the most bad habits to squeeze his hand. Because people’s hands touching everywhere, especially in the RMB on top a lot of bacteria that cause cross-infection by hand squeezing, acne even greater, so that not only hurt the epidermis, also hurt the leather, leather hurt difficult to repair, thus creating difficult to calm down the pits. Similarly, the formation of wrinkles also blocked the blood circulation. When smooth blood circulation, the cells and the smooth exchange of materials between capillaries, a large number of oxygen, water, skin cells are filling full, clean, beautiful, blocked due to blood circulation, blood in the water, oxygen, nutrients and so can not transport to the appropriate skin cells, skin cell metabolism and cell atrophy smaller cell gap becomes larger, the skin will be relaxed, there will be dry and dull, flexibility, over time, expanded office space prone to collapse, the formation of wrinkles; if around the eyes, because the fat content of more accumulation in the cell gap to form a pouch. In short, the emergence of various skin problems are attributed to a cause. Is the “microcirculation.” This is the King Long a basis for health and beauty content?? Blood beauty.

What is the blood that beauty then? Are flesh, “blood” is for life, lose blood nutrition, the body will dry up, Chinese medicine theory: blood running the body, to the internal organs within and outside Dapi hair ribs, blood, tissues from various organs the role of nutrition and moisture. Such as: “the liver by the blood and can be regarded, by the blood and can step foot, palm by the blood and can grip, refers to the blood and can be proactive.” Activities in the blood is the main material basis for consciousness. Blood sufficient, conscious, invigorating, quick thinking, activities normally. If the deficiency of blood were visible palpitation, insomnia, or blurred vision, numbness of the limbs, hands and feet, joint activities, such as negative symptoms, skin is an important part of human organs, skin and blood of the same nutritional needs. So we said: blood is the true source of nutrition fitness skin. In fact, the world without any Cosmetic , Can be the same as the blood supply to your skin cells can absorb and use of all nutrients, vitamins, combined with state of oxygen, a steady stream of water, various trace elements, growth factors, antibodies, and thousands of active enzyme. Blood will also harmful carbon dioxide, lactic acid and other metabolites away. Skin cells is through the blood of nutrition to maintain their normal physiological function, for normal metabolism, the skin cells to be healthy at this time, clean, filling becomes full, full of vitality and show the beauty of health.

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