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Good Skin Care For Paler Complexions

Do you have pale skin and fair or red hair? If you do, theres bad news. Pale and fair complexions tend to develop the signs of aging sooner than other hair and skin tones, mainly due to two factors: thinner skin and lower melanin production.

Thinner Skin
For everyone, the skin around the eyes is thinner than whats on the rest of the face and body, and we all know that thin skin means its more delicate and prone to wrinkling/creasing and sagging. Unfortunately, when youre fair, thin skin is something you have to deal with everywhere, not just around the eyes.

Lower Melanin Production
The skin acts as a barrier, protecting ourselves from the elements and other environmental factors, and most importantly, the sun. Melanin, the pigment in our skin, serves as a shield against sun exposure, which is why darker skin tones dont burn as easily. However, pale complexions cannot produce as much melanin and as a result, more UV rays are absorbed by the skin. UV exposure is detrimental to collagen levels, which degrade and disintegrate with repeated exposure. With less collagen, the skin becomes less elastic, resulting in wrinkles and lines.

Thats why fair skin tends to age faster. The signs can appear quite early, even in our twenties.

Effective skin care for pale complexions should address increased dryness, redness or pigmentation irregularities and wrinkling. These problems are common and can be addressed with nonsurgical skin care treatments.

Dryness may be treated by choosing the right moisturizers (for morning and night) and using hydrating serums that contain hyaluronic acid. These products may be used on a daily basis to boost moisture levels in the skin to keep it supple and elastic. Mesolis , an injectable procedure that is specially designed to make the skin more supple, can also be a great way to deliver much needed moisture by altering the actual makeup of tissue.

Redness and pigmentation irregularities may be treated with hydroquinone or other topically applied product like retinol. Laser skin care treatments may also be effective.

Of course the best way to prevent this problem from happening is to always use sunscreen and protect the skin from the elements.

To treat wrinkling and lines, injectable fillers and BOTOX can help add volume and smooth them out. Laser skin treatments may also work depending on the severity of the problem.

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