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Hair Care Beauty Products To Protect Hair From Damages

Women and men alike are conscious in making their hair beautiful and fashionable. The use of blower or flat iron is common in hair styling. However, it may also be the major cause of damage. The damage can even be severe comparing to damage caused by hair coloring or chlorine. Damages from heat may cause it to become frizzy, acquire split ends and breakage. Some beauty products may be used to protect your tresses from damages.

Pointers in Using hair dryers and flat iron:

Right Usage

Majority of professional hairstylist uses blow dryers set in low heat. In this manner, hair will only be exposed to minimal heat that it can withstand. High heated hair dryer may cause potential effect of flash drying in the tresses. Excessive heat exposure on hair will remove the surface moisture and cause the hair to dehydrate. This will lead to dry, frizzy and brittle hair. It is also advisable not to blow dry tresses daily. The same principle applies with the hair flat iron.

Use When It is Dry and Clean

Hair heat damage is caused by using flat iron with a previous product still applied on the hair. In the same way, slight dampness will cause it to be cooked when flat ironed. It will be the reason to loss its protective moisture.


Before using blow dryer or flat iron, prepare hair in the heat that it will endure. Instead of just combing or brushing hair after washing it, use one of the many hair care products specifically for heat protection. These beauty products can be in the form of sprays, lotion, serums and gels. Choose those that are heat-activated, lightweight and other healthy hair compounds. Beauty products for hair care need not be expensive.

L’Oreal Elvive Full Restore is a pot of concentrated conditioner for all types of hair. It will only take a bit of this nourishing hair mask to get the benefits it provide. The hair will become soft, shiny and manageable. It is a better alternative from the more expensive hair care products.

Provide your hair with the best protection from harm caused by some hair styling accessories. Choose the product that will answer the personal care needs.


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