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Having Fresh Young Skin on the Outside Means You’re Healthy on the Inside

Fresh young skin is something that everyone wants and would like to keep for years to come.  Keeping an eye on the skin’s appearance is also a way to evaluate your overall health.  Your health and your skin’s appearance are uniquely linked, although many people don’t realize it.

We think of our appearance in many ways.  Being attractive is important to people young and older, alike, but is a point of particular focus when people are dating.  We are more likely to date people that have clear skin and attractive hair than someone that does not.

Many people rarely think of acne as a health problem.  They often see eczema and psoriasis as annoying and frustrating, but they don’t recognize that the conditions are symptoms of poor health.  When it comes to wrinkles, hardly anyone thinks of them as a symptom of less than perfect health.

But, everything about the human body is connected.  The skin is actually the largest organ of the human body, an important part of the immune system.  It serves a number of important purposes, not the least of which is to protect the inside of the body from infection.

You might think that fresh young skin is something that people are born with.  But, even babies can suffer from acne and eczema.  The people that look the best are the people that work at it, not with cosmetics alone.

Most skin conditions are symptoms of underlying nutrient deficits in the diet.  Although some experts disagree, it is really impossible to get all of the nutrients that you need through the food that you eat, without going overboard in calories.  So, the importance of a good multi-nutritional supplement cannot be overstated.

Deficits in the vitamins A and E often accompany acne.  The vitamins are important antioxidants.  A lack of antioxidants contributes to wrinkles, too.

Psoriasis and eczema are inflammatory diseases.  The latest research indicates that chronic inflammation of that kind is caused by imbalances in dietary intake of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids.

In addition to striving for excellent nutritional intake, the key to having and keeping fresh young skin is using the right skincare products.  Most of what you will find on the market is nothing more than Vaseline and perfume.

You want skincare products that contain nutrients.  You can use your diet and dietary supplements to nourish the inside of your body.  The right skincare products will nourish the outside.

There are many ingredients that have proven benefits for keeping fresh young skin.  Just one is coenzyme Q10.  You might want to learn more about it.

John Lexon is a dedicated researcher of important issues that affect skin and health. Visit his skincare website now at http://www.abc-skin-and-health.info to learn more about the skin care products that he recommends after extensive research.

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