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Healthy and Clear Skin Isn’t Obtained With Skin Care Cream Alone

Finding the perfect balance in a skin care cream can be very difficult.  The terms “gentle” and “effective” don’t really seem to go together for most products and that holds true when you’re working on obtaining clear skin.

The truth is, you’re most likely not going to find this perfect balance in once cream that you’ll use on a regular basis.  Because of this, most people will use a gentle cleanser everyday, knowing they’re really just keeping the surface clean.  Than, to help get a deep pore cleansing, they’ll do a periodic wash with something stronger.  This may happen once every week or two.

The drawback to any type of skin cleansing is the fact that you’re going to be removing some of the essential oils and moisture every time you use the product on your face.  For that reason, daily cleansers will be supplemented with a moisturizer to restore some it.

Before anyone convinces you to buy their latest skin care cream, remember, it’s what happens inside that really factors into how you look on the outside.  Imagine if you never watered or fertilized your plants but you would spay and shine the leaves every day?  At first they would look great, but eventually you’d be fighting a losing battle to make them look healthy, cause they’re not.

Drink plenty of good pure water every day.  This is one of the best things you can do to maintain a clear complexion.  Your body is made up mostly of water and each of your skin molecules are nourished by this water.  If you don’t give it the water it needs on the inside, it will never been moist and clear on the outside. 

Consider your diet as well.  Your skin is the largest living organ in your body (true, what you see of it is just the top dead layer, below that is alive) and it needs nutrients to stay healthy. Both vitamins and minerals will go a long way towards giving you the complexion you desire.

The opposite of life giving nutrients would be life-stealing toxins. Consider this truth if you’re smoking, drinking to excess, or surrounding yourself with dangerous chemicals (check under your kitchen sink). I can always pick out a smoker by simply looking at their skin.  Premature aging is a reality for virtually all smokers.

Start with the above simple steps and then see if you still need the latest greatest skin care creams.  Keep your skin clean and moisturized, give your body the pure water it needs and make sure you’re providing your body’s largest organ the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Mary Ann Hazen teaches on many aspects of health and beauty for both men and women. Mary Ann focuses on looking beyond physical appearances and encouraging others to be healthy, not just look healthy. One of the biggest issues most of us deal with, whether we’re aging or just now going through puberty, is clear skin. Mary Ann believes the secret to a healthy complexion isn’t found in a skin care cream alone, but rather in living a truly healthy life from the inside out.

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