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Herbal cosmetics: some simple recipes, for your health and beauty care

Whenever we buy the latest lotion or potion, we assume that people who make it have only good intentions in mind. We assume that our governments regulate cosmetic makers and demand vigorous safety testing. We assume that cosmetic makers consciously avoid making products that contains ingredients with questionable safety records. health and beauty Most important: do not assume that people succeed in the cosmetic business while being led by only one aim, to make you healthier. Every enterprise is started with a business plan that involves some sort of profit and the manufacturer can save millions by replacing just one costly natural extract with some synthetic brew. Perhaps it is time to stop assuming anything. health and beauty
The chemical industry works nonstop: the amount of synthetic chemicals in use all over the world has increased twofold over the last ten years and today, we have more than 100,000 chemicals in use, and less than 5 percent  health and beauty of these have been thoroughly tested for their long- term impact on human health. Cosmetics, unlike drugs, are not regualted by governmental agencies: the safety of skin care, hair care, and makeup are determined by the cosmetic manufacturers themselves. health and beauty No one is questioning their practices or watching over their shoulders, so they make their own rules about what to use in products we rub onto and put into our bodies. If you do not understand that toxic chemicals in cosmetics make us sick and age prematurely, you will remain a victim of the chemical industry, and it is not good for your health or the health of the planet. In fact, beauty is skin deep. Human skin is a powerful absorption organ that seems to be constantly hungry for anything that touches its surface: our skin grabs every molecule, every single drop of water, every lick of makeup, and every whiff of fragrance. Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, as well as toxic pollutants, enter our skin and this ability of the skin to absorb chemical substances so they can be spread throughout the body is widely used in medicine. According to new estimates, our skin is so able to absorb up to 60 percent of substances applied to its surface. When a potentially toxic substance passes the skin’s barriers,  it ends up in blood vessels and lymph ducts located in the epidermis and dermis layers. health and beauty When potential cancer- causing poisonous chemicals are absorbed by the skin and carried with the blood all over the body, the offending chemical can also interact with other chemicals in our system; sometimes these reactions produce substances that provoke cells to evolve in the wrong way, resulting in cancer or they may lead to many other serious diseases.
The beauty industry is one of the most profitable of all industries, which will start losing millions if people start asking uncomfortable questions about what goes into their favourite moisturizers and various cosmetics. After all, let me remind you: everyone in the cosmetic business is after your money. This is why is called business, not charity.
I cannot, and I don’t want, possibly reccomend that you stop washing your hair, brushing your teeth, or wearing makeup. You can still do all those pleasant and rewarding steps of your beauty regimen without inhaling, swallowing, and absorbing toxins. There are many wonderfully effective gentle and safe cosmetic products that won’t wreak havoc on your hormones, liver and lungs.

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