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How The Regional Liquor Brand Sales Volume? – Liquor, Marketing, Management – Food Industry

Sell The amount of enhancement is Spirit Enterprises are most concerned about the issue, not a sales strategy to talk about what the brand bigger and stronger, especially in the white majority Wine Business first and foremost question is “eating” problem, only with a certain amount of sales to the enterprise in other areas of development by leaps and bounds.

Regional liquor companies how to improve sales?
Concerned region, the election of the incremental market
Small and medium enterprises in the sales volume of wine is not a company’s market can be a pinch as far as, the annual sales target to complete the process of how much can be achieved by the growth. We say that the development of enterprises in the regional market due to different market conditions, competition, different brands, different basis of their own development, the incremental target face is not the same.

Based on the performance of enterprises in different markets, we market is divided into:
Base market. The door is generally business marketing, sales, better atmosphere, brings years of sales of consumer brand recognition and well-known, companies can no more input to complete the larger sales. But such market in order to significantly enhance the sales data is not easy, on the one hand their brands can be used in the base market channels and a variety of limited resources, and even – Global Brand Network – tend to eat, unable to continue tapping the potential, on the other hand consumption who have inherent knowledge of the brand, such as low-end consumer that the product of changing this understanding requires a long-term process. Therefore, in order to base the market quickly to boost sales is not easy task, the adjustment of product structure changes to improve product grade Marketing Model may be more practical significance.

Weak sales market. After years of enterprise product penetration of intentional or unintentional, the brand has a certain amount of sales basis, but not, consumers have some awareness of the brand, business products sales market position in the 3-4 away, the market there is no absolute rule of the brand, I am afraid this market is that we must vigorously tapping the potential incremental market. Long-term market penetration of enterprise products, brand awareness, channel, etc. are all familiar with the recognition that a reliable guarantee of sales improved rapidly.

Blank market. While some gaps in the market for some brands from the geographical scope from the more recent companies, enterprises have not been sold, consumers do not perceive the brand, the market is a new market, we say that this type is the “gap market.” Blank market development requires a period of basic work, such as business early Distribution Issues, rally, public relations, promotions, etc. need to cultivate the market gradually, blind on blind volume of sales will cause the enterprise into a quagmire.

Innovative marketing initiatives to find incremental
Company’s sales process in recent years, traditional sales growth has failed, how quickly and effectively to advance the development of enterprises, to ensure that sales improve? Find business growth is vital.

1, channel sink, the market center of gravity down. Liquor business as a regional sales as an effective radius is limited, must be limited to intensive sales area, stay in the big dig, grasp batches, merchants have been unrealistic to find ripe, the market requires us to sink to the township and even marketing channels Each village, town channel sink to the shop every terminal. As Coca-Cola Tends to urban markets for many years the essence of farming, is Coke Channel sink only concerned with the rural market to find a blue ocean to create a marketing miracle. In most rural markets, liquor brand is relatively clutter is not yet mature and stable and effective brands, as a potential regional market has given us many opportunities. As competition intensifies, the channel has been famous wine globrand.com sinking to the county-level market, competing fiercely to seize the town escape the market, the rural market will make our sales have surprises.

2, through a rich product mix, look for low-volume product group of initiatives to increase sales.

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