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How To Choose Right Hair Brush To Achieve Healthy Hair – Review

For most women, hair is the most admired part of their body. Shiny, healthy and vivacious hair are maintained with proper care of skin and body. However, most of people are unaware of the damage caused to the hair, by the use of different hair styling products. Therefore, it is essential to choose an appropriate Hairbrush to promote healthy hair growth. Moreover, intake of supplements such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, in daily diet, strengthens and smoothes hair fibers.  

Brushing is highly essential for hair, in order to, avoid tangles and keep them manageable. Brushing regularly stimulates blood circulation, so that vital nutrients are carried to the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.Hairbrush made up of natural bristles of boar’s hair, is usually preferred for this purpose. The bristles of boar’s brush work as fine strands of keratin and absorb grime and oil from the hair scalp. Moreover, the tips of boars brush are slightly rounded to encourage blood circulation, and gently message the scalp. Boar brushes such as a nylon Kent brush must be avoided, as the bristles are rough and sharp than boar’s brush and can easily damage and inflame the scalp.  

Acquiring a right Hairbrush is not the only necessary to achieve healthy and strong hair. You must have adequate knowledge about how to brush your hair properly, so that blood circulation is increased and accumulation of grime and oil can be eradicated, in the scalp. To promote growth, you must brush you hair, at least twice a day, when your hair are completely dry, to obviate breakage. If you have short hair then brush for about 3 minutes and long hair must be brushed for 5 minutes. While brushing, bend your hair towards floor and brush hair in forward motion, then brush in downwards motion, to increase blood circulation.  

Cleaning brush on regular basis can prevent the chance of getting grime back to the scalp. It is advised to clean everyday, by rinsing it well with water and then using a shampoo to remove dirt. It is better to have two brushes, and alternate their usage.

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