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How to Look Your Best With Great Natural Beauty Treatments

The beauty treatments market in the United States alone pays out over $ 50 billion annually. A great part of those $ 50 billion in sales unfortunately lies with products that don’t do anything remotely good or healthy for you and your skin. Just pause for a moment and think of all the money and time you would spend, or should I say, you would save, if you started using natural treatments that are already on the shelves today.

Not only are you contributing to the evermore popular animal testing redundance, you are also eliminating the risk of applying hazardous chemicals to your body. This article will show you only a couple of simple yet powerful natural beauty treatments, which are inexpensive and highly effective. Let’s get cracking.

Whether you know it or not there is enough food that is an ingredient in all of the organic natural beauty treatments available on the market today. This fruit is the banana. Besides having a lot of potassium, vitamins and minerals, it also makes for a astonishing moisture generator for your skin as well as hair. To use the banana properly you should smash it first, followed by a gentle rub on the exploited area on the face or scalp. Some professional skincare specialists also concur with each other that it is good to add some oatmeal to the mixture in order to give this skin that extra shine.

We are sticking to tropicals, so we are indulging in avocados next. These are extremely healthy fruits which contain a large amount of oils, especially essential oils, which we all know play a large role in moisturizing the skin. Unlike the banana you do not have to smash the avocado, but only peel it and rub the skin on your face and neck. In the case of the puffy eyes one should use a sliced avocado and place it underneath the eyes for up to nine minutes. This will disperse of the swelling.

Last but not least; good old olive oil. This is an all-time classic. This is one of the best hand moisturizers you can get. Most users use cotton gloves to enhance the procedure during sleep. So right before you go to sleep, you soak your hands in olive oil, rub it into the skin and put on the white cotton gloves. These are not usually white, but in most cases they are. Besides the hands it is also used to moisturize the lips and nails. Some hair professionals claim it’s also healed split ends. Another great easy trick is just to pour some drops of olive oil in your bathtub while taking a bath in order to moisturize the skin of the entire body. Although the smell of olive oil is not extremely pleasant, we recommend you mix it alongside with some essential oil.

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