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Intensive Moisturizer Creams For Healthy and Younger Looking Skin

You need to take care when choosing an intensive moisturizer as for many, the term intensive simply means more chemicals. These are precisely what your skin does not need, so discover what to look for in the best moisturizers that are natural and effective.

A good starting point is to check the company is a member of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics as this ensures that no harmful substances are used. Look for a logo on their website.

Most companies do use harsh chemicals like mineral oil, but these only serve to dry out your skin further and can cause allergic reactions. This is why they instruct you to try on a small area first in case of a reaction.

The natural intensive moisturizer creams are safe enough to eat. Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream and can cause problems anywhere in your body, so it should be as natural as possible.

Natural plant extracts, oils and nutrients are the best types of ingredients to use. They are able to deeply moisturize and significantly improve the health of your skin.

By being natural, they work with your body and not against it, allowing you to have a healthy and sustainable way of keeping younger looking and softer skin. This also means that they are suitable for oily and dry complexions equally.

Some of the best ingredients include Grapeseed Oil, Babassu wax, Cynergy TK and Phytessence wakame.

These combine synergistically to moisturize deep down through all the layers of the skin and fully hydrate it too. The presence of powerful antioxidants further ensures that any signs of aging are prevented from returning and maintain optimal health.

Another feature of an intensive moisturizer that contains these ingredients is that it will stimulate your collagen production. This leads to younger looking skin, fading any fine lines and wrinkles in just a matter of weeks.

Your collagen production decreases as you age making it essential to replace it naturally otherwise your skin becomes thinner, drier and older looking.

Don’t be fooled by moisturizers that contain collagen as they do not work! The molecules are too large to be absorbed into your skin and therefore offer zero benefits.

Now you know what to look for in a natural intensive moisturizer, you can soon look forward to softer, younger looking and much healthier skin.

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