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I/O Errors While Accessing Linux Volumes Cause Data Loss

This is possible in Linux operating system to install and run the system softwre on a single hard drive partition. Such type of configurations are easy to establish and use. But if you divide your Linux hard disk into multiple volumes, you can effectively manage your critical data and get several other benefits. But in some situations, you might encounter I/O errors while accessing logical hard drive volumes and they become inaccessible. This behavior of Linux system results into critical data loss situations and require Linux Data Recovery to be sorted out.

While this is true that Linux operating system would work fine on the hard disk with only one large partition, but there are several benefits of dividing the hard drive into at least four volumes (home, root, swap and usr). The major benefits of partitioning the hard drive are as given below:

First, it helps you to reduce the time required for carry out file system checks (while booting the system and carrying out manual checkup), because these checks can be performed simultaneously. With several volumes, it is quite easy to perform checkup.

Second, with many volumes, you can mount one or more of the volumes in read only mode. For example, when you consider that everything in the /home directory would not be touched even by the root, you can mount home in read only mode.
Finally, the most important advantage that hard drive volumes provide is absolute data protection. If anything goes wrong with your OS and you’ve to format the primary volume and then reinstall operating system. All of the data stored in secondary volumes would remain safe.

Although, this is quite useful to create several hard disk volumes, but in some situations the volumes might become inaccessible and you may encounter error messages while opening them. As an example, while accessing Linux hard disk volume, you may come across below error which put you in need of Linux Recovery:

“[ 234.284559] Buffer I/O error on device f 60. Logical block 0
[ 272.376782] Buffer I/O error on device f 60. Logical block 0″

In these cases, Linux Data Recovery Software helps you to recover lost data. These software perform Data Recovery Linux by thoroughly scanning affected hard drive using advanced scanning mechanisms.

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