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Mac Recovery Solution to Recover Back the Data From Corrupted HFS Volumes

For Macintosh operating system based computers, Apple has designed many advance file systems and HFS or the Hierarchical File System is on of them. HFS is known as the Mac OS standard, which Apple referred as one of most stable and advanced file systems. Still, situations, such as sudden/improper system shut sown, operating system malfunction, virus/malware infection or any other software/hardware contradiction may lead to the corruption or damage of the data in the hard drive of the system. Under such a situation, with the help of Mac data recovery, you can be able to recover back the lost or inaccessible data.

However, the important thing is to point out an error as a file system based error. Following are the few points, which can help you distinguish the error to be a HFS files corruption error:

The system fails to boot further and hangs infinitely during start-up.

The files, you are trying to open are showing some garbage data.

The files are truncated automatically or though the file size is same, but the data is missing.

Some files or folders are missing.

Nothing happens or the system hangs when you try to open some folders.

Error messages indicating file system corruption or operating system missing.

Trouble listing or managing files in the directory etc.

All the above symptoms indicate towards some sort of file system based errors and in order to check the consistency of the file system & to fix them, you need to run the command ‘fsck’. Following steps may guide you through the process:

If the system is not running in a single-user mode, then unmount the HFS files based volume by running the command ‘umount’ from the command prompt.

Then, try running ‘fsck -p’ to find out the file system related problems and fix them automatically.

If ‘fsck’ fails to resolve the issue, you need to format the volume and make fresh partitions, which will eventually erase all your data from the drive and you have to restore them from the backup. However, in case, you have not backed up recently or failed to restore the data from the backup, there lies only one option, that is to take the help of any effective Mac recovery software.

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