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Make Your Eye Beautiful With These Makeup Tips

Are you looking for the best tips on how to put on eye makeup for brown eyes? You have come to the right page. You need to be very careful. Having chocolate colored gaze gives you awesome looks, but you need to know to carry it well and use makeup that will suit your eye shade.

If you’re brown-eyed and female, you have every right to be smug. Eye makeup for brown eyes is varied and easy. As a matter of fact, the brown-eyed woman is lucky because she can do lots of speaking and expressing with her limpid stare.

Selecting shadow for your blue eyes are just as significant as choosing the exact makeup procedure for it. It can make a huge divergence in your look and can actually give emphasis to your blue eyes. Violet eye shadow, for instance, exposes the green in hazel eyes; topaz causes brown eyes to look deeper. Mauve, coral and gray are complimentary to blue eyes.

Eye shadow must be applied in such a way that it compliments your eyes instead of overpowering them. Choose colors which suit your skin tone; there are a lot of shades of black and brown. Midnight blue, plum, raisin, coffee brown are all shades which suit women with dark skin tone.

If what you want is a look that is unaffected and natural, apply eye make up that will match your green eyes without trying to compete with them. Leave the heavier makeup only when the occasion demands it. For Blue eyes the tried and true eye shadow colour is deep blue. For Green or Hazel eyes greens are your best eye shadow colour. For Brown eyes tried and true eye shadow colours include: copper, bronze, coffee, champagne

Many women have problems with puffy eyes when they wake up every morning. Applying eye cream or eye gel helps in reducing such swelling of the eyes and one feels very refreshing. The warm hue of the shades contrasts with the cold tone of the blue eyes in a way to really make them pop. You also need to use the shade which is darker in tone than the eye color for making your baby blues shine.

If you have small eyes then don’t use too much shadow or liner – it will make you eyes look smaller. Apply a light color on eyelid, use a darker color in the crease and use a highlighter under the brow. For larger eyes wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. Use a flat color under the brow to highlight.

Learning to apply makeup on the eyes is easy. With patience and the right product, you would be able to master not just how to apply eyeshadow but how to do so beautifully and efficiently.

For instance a soft gold as the base with dark purple can be an excellent combination and so are the combinations champagne base with blue or peach shade base and a dark bottle green upper shade.

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