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Mineral Makeup: The Key To Beautiful Healthy Skin

By now you’ve probably heard the buzz about a revolution in makeup. Gone are the days of parabens and chemical cocktails that may make you look great for a very short time, but clog the pores, irritate the skin and cause breakouts that last longer. These days, manufacturers are revamping their formulas to include a unique blend of minerals.

Mineral makeup is hot! Although it was first introduced back in the mid 70s, it didn’t really take off until more than twenty years later. Mineral makeup is essentially cosmetic products that are free of all unnecessary ingredients, whether it be talc, fillers or preservatives. The remaining ingredients, mainly composed of mineral pigments, are blended to be more “natural”, gentler, and suitable for most skin types (sensitive skin can still react negatively). But the benefits are more than that – these cosmetics also achieve a more luminous appearance, adding a healthy glow to the skin that can’t be mimicked by regular products, without the greasy sheen due to its mattifying abilities. The range of colours is more vibrant as well, and there’s a smoothness in current formulas that won’t leave you with that heavy, suffocating feel.

So how does mineral makeup help you get beautiful healthy skin?

First, it doesn’t have all that other junk that is not beneficial to the true purpose of the product. Who needs parabens and preservatives if you can formulate something that doesn’t need it? The fewer of these ingredients, the less chance you’ll develop problems from using them.

Second, the lighter formula leaves your pores freer. This means that people with oily skin or enlarged pores in particular will really notice a difference after application.

Third, the added minerals can be helpful in fighting acne, blemishes and other problems. That’s right; minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide can soothe the skin and facilitate a clearer complexion (of course it’s not recommended you rely on cosmetics alone to help with your skin problems).

For anyone that’s been searching for a great alternative to regular cosmetics, mineral makeup is it. It’ll help you get the healthy skin you’ve always wanted.

This article has been brought to you by Healthy Skin. Joanna Cabanna is a devoted mother of 2 who has fought tooth and nail against the signs of aging. She is a frequent contributor to a number of sites and blogs, including Skin Vitality, Toronto’s aesthetic medical clinic to the Stars. www.skinvitality.ca.

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