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Products That Give a Healthy Glow to the Skin – Beautiful Skin the Natural Way

If you’re serious about finding products that give a healthy glow to the skin, you’ll need to look beyond the traditional skin creams that you find in your local drugstore. Those are fine if you need to soothe some dry skins for a short period of time, but the only way to develop truly radiant beautiful skin is to build healthy tissue deep inside.

Let’s begin by discussing some skincare ingredients that you will need to avoid. If you pick up a face cream for instance that contains mineral oil or alcohol my advice is for you to put it back.

Mineral oil quickly makes the skin feel nice and soft but in the long run it speeds up the aging process. This is due to the fact that mineral oil, being a byproduct of the petroleum industry, clogs the pores and keeps the skin from breathing. This can lead to blemishes and other types of infections in the skin.

Alcohol, on the other hand has a drying effect on the skin. It strips away in the natural acid mantle that is critical for beautiful skin. Products that give a healthy glow to the skin will have rich moisturizing effect, not a drying effect.

In order to keep your skin looking its best, look for skin care products that contain natural moisturizers. Two of my favorites are avocado oil and shea butter. Both of these leave the skin with a natural radiance because of the high levels of vitamins, minerals and sterols that they provide the skin in order to maintain its healthy appearance.

In clinical testing, shea butter has been shown to help fade scars and stretch marks while healing blemishes and small cuts in the skin. Avocado oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that renew the skin. It has also been shown to have a lightening effect on the skin as well as helping stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

An ingredient found in the best products that give a healthy glow to the skin is one that few people are familiar with. It is called Cynergy TK. Cynergy TK is a natural substance that has been developed in New Zealand that is rich in the protein, keratin.

The functional keratin founded Cynergy TK is able to be absorbed deep into the skin where it helps increase the production of collagen and elastin. Now before you start thinking that you’re too young to think about collagen and elastin in your skin, let’s look at some of the things that this wonderful substance has been shown to do.

Clinical testing on Cynergy TK has shown:

1. The skin becomes fuller, causing wrinkles and lines in the skin to fade.
2. Increase production of new skin cells by as much as 160% leading to brighter, more radiant skin.
3. Skin hydration levels increased by 22% over 24 hour period.

The combination of Cynergy TK with natural plant sourced moisturizers makes some of the best products that give a healthy glow to the skin. Ingredients such as Cynergy TK however are difficult to find in the west because they were developed in New Zealand. You will have to look to the internet to find them.

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