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Skin Care and Healthy Aging – How Outer Nutrition Can Help You Treat Your Biggest Organ Right

As you age, your skin just like the other organs in your body experiences the cumulative effects of how you’ve lived – sun, fun, alcohol, laughter, stress, etc.脗聽And depending on your skin type and lifestyle, making sure you are taking the right steps now to manage the process can certainly maintain a more youthful appearance and may even prolong your life.脗聽Whether you’re in your 30s or beyond, considering surgery or post surgery – it makes no difference. 脗聽Because of the potential for current technology to offer low cost solutions that work to positively affect your appearance and the demographics of an expanding and simultaneously aging population this market is exploding and is currently estimated at over $ 14 billion!
4 Steps to Skin Care Healthy Aging

1. Build a solid foundation for good health with an inner nutrition program to help you reach the right weight for your body style.脗聽This will give you more energy, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce stretching pressures on the skin.脗聽Your skin is an organ and you to nourish it from the inside and the outside to achieve the results you want.脗聽Think of your skin as needing inner and outer nutrition and you want quality nutritional supplements to give it what it needs.
2. Use pharmaceutical grade heart health nutritional supplements fortified with powerful antioxidants to help support a healthy cardiovascular system and keep blood vessels toned, flexible and youthful for improved circulation.脗聽Good circulation lowers blood pressure and reduces your risk of heart disease.脗聽It also brings more oxygen to the muscles beneath the skin to promote firmness and brings nourishment to the inner layers of the skin that radiates outward.脗聽

3. Activate your skin’s youthfulness with a daily outer nutrition regime of replenishing creams and cleansers which can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.脗聽Your skin replaces itself cell by cell until your entire outer layer of skin is replaced roughly every 28 days.脗聽As you age this process takes a little longer.脗聽Skin cells will rest on your skin unless helped along.脗聽When you’re young, poor cleansing practices lead to clogged pores and greater acne. As you age clogged pores lead to enlarged pores, stretched skin and greater wrinkling.脗聽

4. Treat around your eyes, lips and d脙漏colletage with specialized outer nutrition products. 脗聽Traditional moisturizers won’t do the job – you need products that are specialized nutritional supplements for particular skin (i.e., vitamin enriched). These areas are different than your cheeks and forehead.脗聽Your lips are similar to the skin on your hands and feet and the skin around your eyes and neck is extremely thin and flexible. 脗聽

How do these products work?
Quality outer nutrition products work by supplying the skin what time gradually diminishes – collagen.脗聽Collagen is normally found in the skin providing it with firmness; smoothness and helping it retain moisture. Companies supplying quality products in the anti-aging market contain their own patented or unique formulation of collagen-building using a glucosamine complex.脗聽If you don’t find ingredients that reflect this approach move to another brand.脗聽All these products are perfectly natural and provide clinically proven results.脗聽They are also at price point that regular consumers can handle.脗聽Technology and scientific advances in collagen building products, especially those using pharmaceutical grade glucosamine have broken the price barrier.脗聽
Most of these high quality products are superior to products costing hundreds of dollars.脗聽That may sound like a commercial but it is true – they are updated formulations using better technology and the latest science to provide a superior product at a lower cost.脗聽
They all work at slightly different rates based on the product and whether the user drinks, smokes, is under stress, out a lot in the sun, etc.脗聽As they hydrate your skin will become firmer; improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and minimizing the signs of aging.脗聽All these products have different clinical results but they all have the similar conclusions:

脗路 脗聽 XX% Improvement in Fine Lines & Wrinkles.
脗路 脗聽 XX% Reduction in Wrinkle Depth.
脗路 脗聽 More than XX% increase in Skin Smoothness.
脗路 脗聽 XX% Improvement in Skin Moisture Content.
脗路 脗聽 XX% Increase in Skin Firmness.
脗路 脗聽 XX% Increase in Skin Luminosity & Clarity.
If your product doesn’t have these types of numbers – move to another product.
Make sure that you always work with outer nutrition products that are formulated for eyes. 脗聽Fine lines and wrinkles form at the corners of the eyes because of blinking, squinting, and smiling – it’s going to happen. 脗聽In addition, the eyelids often suffer from puffiness or excess fluid build up after sleep or during moments of emotional stress. 脗聽Collagen building will work for wrinkles and the vitamins and herbs will reduce the puffiness.
Lips, like eyes are amazing. 脗聽Think of the physical and environmental stress that these areas endure. From the aging process you lips will develop fine lines around the edges and lines can develop and deepen on the lips themselves. 脗聽While it is important to use products formulated for your lips, especially because you can ingest the product – it also important to understand what will work best. 脗聽Standard lip balms are designed to cover and coat the lips, usually with an oil or wax base. 脗聽These products do not penetrate or offer any anti-aging benefits or nourishment to the skin. 脗聽Everybody uses these type of products and they are great for what they’re deigned to do. 脗聽Look for products that offer basic protection from UVA and UVB radiation (SPF 15). 脗聽It’s best to also look for products that combine the nutrition of vitamins A, C, E and collagen building ingredients to get the best results for your lips.
Cosmetic surgery is something everyone considers and if you feel its necessary fro to stick fish line under skin and pull it tight and trim the excess, nor problem. 脗聽But if your in a profession where appearance is everything – make sure you consider your options. 脗聽Whether you or don’t have surgery you will want to employ the product techniques discussed here.脗聽The only facial area that you should immediately work on is the neck or decolletage area. 脗聽This is area that shows no matter what surgery has been done. 脗聽Cosmetic surgeons do not work there because the skin is extremely thin and normally tight around the nerves and muscles of the neck.

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