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Why Organic Natural Skin Care is Better

Let’s face it. There is no question that organic natural skin care is a far better answer than the chemical laden products that are most frequently sold. If they are so much better, then why aren’t more people buying them? The answer to this question is that most people do not possess the knowledge about various cosmetics ingredients, and what it is that they do.

If more people understood how the ingredients in skin care products worked in order to keep their skin healthy then they would make far better buying decisions. Knowing what to look for in these products would also teach people what it is that they need to avoid. There are plenty of ingredients that are frequently used in the manufacture of cosmetics products that you should steer clear of.

The majority of the cosmetics companies do not develop organic natural skin care products; because they would cost the company far more than if they continued to fill their formulas with chemical agents and low grade synthetics. Natural ingredients have to be processed a certain way in order for them to be usable as ingredients in cosmetics, and this processing adds to the manufacturing expense of the product.

So in order to keep costs down, and profit margins up, most companies use ingredients in their products that are questionable at best. A long list of ingredients commonly used by the cosmetics industry in the United States, and in many areas of the world have been banned under ruling of the European Union. Let me tell you what some of these ingredients could do to you.

The chemicals typically found in cosmetics products have been proven during scientific studies to cause the development of cancer, organ toxicity, and nervous system damage. They have also been shown to have an estrogenic effect on the body. You will run the risk of none of these by using high quality organic natural skin care products.

These formulas are primarily plant based, and these oils, waxes, and extract have a healing effect on the skin. Plant compounds provide the skin with necessary nutrients which help to keep it healthy. They also provide a wealth of antioxidants, which aid in eliminating the UV produced free radicals which attacks the cells of your skin, and causes them to break down.

A truly effective organic natural skin care formula will also put to use various enzymes and proteins, which have been proven to positively affect your skin. One of the best of these types of ingredients is the keratin protein mixture known as Functional Keratin. This ingredient stimulates the production of the cells that are necessary for the growth of new collagen and elastin.

Make no mistake about it. You will never find an ingredient capable of promoting the growth of new connective tissue outside of an organic natural skin care formula. The products that flood the market right now are a waste of time and money, and the chance that you are taking in using them is simply not worth it. Do yourself a favor, and see what wonders natures ingredients can provide you with.

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