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The Most Effective Antioxidant Body Cream For Healthy and Younger Looking Skin

There’s no doubt about it, a quality antioxidant body cream will help to keep your skin healthy and prevent premature aging. Discover why and how to find the best ones.

Antioxidants are essential to combat the damage done by free radicals. These bounce around and damage your healthy cells. As you get older, you produce less of them which leads to oxidation and older looking skin.

Despite the fact that your body produces them and you get some from your diet, a powerful antioxidant body cream is essential as it gets right to where it is needed most.

One of the best ingredients to look for is Cynergy TK, a natural extract from the wool of New Zealand sheep.

As well as increasing your natural levels of collagen and elastin to help fade any wrinkles and lines, it contains the most powerful antioxidants of any other skin care ingredient.

Normally, it takes one molecule of antioxidant to quash each free radical but Cynergy TK can quash literally millions of radicals with just a single molecule.

This helps to ensure your skin is kept in optimal health and allows deep down moisturizing to occur.

Other ingredients known for their antioxidant powers are Coenzyme Q10, Grapeseed oil and active Manuka honey.

It is also important that any antioxidant body cream contains a blend of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and sea kelp extract to ensure the delivery of essential nutrients to heal and soothe your skin.

The cream should be free from any harmful chemicals too like mineral oil and parabens which the leading brands are so fond of adding!

These can actually increase your levels of free radicals and do very little for your skin. In fact, they can cause rashes and irritations with regular use. Look for a logo on the supplier’s website for The Compact for Safe Cosmetics as this means that no harmful chemicals are used.

If you research before you buy, as you are doing now, and check the labels carefully you can end up with a truly effective cream that helps to keep your skin vibrant and healthy and prevent future signs of aging from creeping in.

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